For Sale - Bontrager Solstice Commuter Bicycle Helmet


A nice Bontrager Solstice bike helmet for sale. This is the MIPS model. The size is S/M and comes with the thin sizing pads. Sorry, but those are the only pads I have for it. REI sold them, they might have more pads. The helmet is in excellent shape.


Kind of a Video Game Guy

 Is anybody playing Call of Duty:Mobile? I know it's just a phone game but I'm really having fun with it. I do, however need to find a better Clan. Hint, hint.

For Sale - Tektro Dual Pivot Road Brake Set


I've had these on a bike and really liked them. The finish is in good shape, and the threads are all straight. There are no brake-pads but there is an included pair of blocks finish-matched and with the Tektro logo.



Home Office: Park


I dropped a few new items for sale. Be sure to notice the "older posts" button to view other goodies up for grabs. Since this is also a bloggish endeavor you might periodically observe posts unrelated to the sale of used dry-goods. These may, equally periodically, amuse and/or otherwise gratify you in some way. The posts of my truck are still on, just 'cause. I don't have that old Schwinn anymore, but they're cool posts so I leave 'em up.

Still working out a system for taking payments in-person. For now, one can navvy to this site on any device and use the PayPal widget to the right.

Signing off for now...!

For Sale - Giro ProLight SLX II Cycling Shoes Size 46.5


Giro ProLight SLX II (Shimano SPD/SL cleats) shoes. I bought these used by mistake. Didn't know there was another cleat system on the Shimano road shoe roster. Which, I feel like I shoulda... But, buyer-beware, these shoes are not made to use the common SPD style cleat. Different bolt pattern, entirely. On the other hand I found many adapters for doing just that, though that option wasn't for me.

They looked rough in the pics I saw before buying them, and didn't disappoint upon receipt. Heheh. However these shoes are super solid. All the replaceable rubber nubby things ought to be replaced, ya, but these are composite shoes with leather uppers; well worth grabbing up!


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