What Can You Do With Your Hands?

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It's funny sometimes. I have had occasion to work in the trades, over the years. When I approach people about work, I do so while self-identifying as a carpenter. Now, in the trades, a carpenter is a guy/gal who rarely touches a stick of wood, these days. I'm not surprised that they don't care that I'm a) actually a carpenter, and that b) as such, most framers, and general-contracting-types, can't stand in my shadow, where carpentry is concerned. Anyway, here are some images of a rather quick build. I cut a lot of corners on this guy because it was a gift for a dear friend. Rather than get into the details of the build here, I'll just link my flickr image set where there are thorough descriptions of what we're looking at here.

See, this is what you might characterize as an advanced skill. With advanced skills comes some time working with less advanced techniques, and for purposes of accommodating a learning curve. By producing definitive evidence that I possess this particular skill, see, in my mind this implicitly states that I've mastered more fundamental skills. I've not met with much success peddling that to the tradesman-Neanderthals. Apparently, lacking the physical presence to lug 7/8" flooring two-sheets-at-a-time up two flights of stairs means I'm not a carpenter. Apparently. I refuse to construct a wall by utilizing a technique commonly referred to as a, "California Corner", in industry parlance, therefore I don't know what I'm doing.

Pretty tough pill to swallow, I gotta tell ya, 'cause fact of the matter is, I'm a master carpenter by any measure. Dirt-bags. Sure, I'll suffer in abject poverty, and obscurity, while clean-cut line-backer types churn out sub-par work, and get paid righteously, no less. Sigh.

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