Shimano Exage 300LX Crank


Hi folks! Say, if you're here after Google-ing, and are looking for information about the Shimano 300Lx parts in this groupo, could you leave me a comment detailing what it was that you were searching for?

This is fairly odd. This post sees a tremendous amount of traffic, and I'm wondering if there is some info I may provide here that may be helpful to folks. My guess that there are people either looking to purchase these used, or are trying to repair stuff they have.

Shot of the crank with steel chain-rings. I'll have to get a shot of the little roller they used to route the front derailleur cable.


Anonymous said...

Was looking for info on the LX 300 group while researching a bike on Craigslist that I am interested in possibly buying.

Mike L said...

I am restoring a Bridgestone BB-1, and I wanted to know about the 300LX component group

Vance said...

Hi there, sorry I didn't see you in here. Hehe. Hmm. I don't know what a Bridgestone BB-1 is, perhaps MB-1? Pretty easy typo.

Bridgestone stuff designated XX-1 is no-messing-around equipment regardless of vintage, or style/function. The 300LX Exage, that year (1990), was...ahem...how shall I say...weird. Yeah, that's it. That groupo was short-lived and was interspersed acrossed a wide spectrum of quality, and value. Never was it anything but bottom-end good stuff.

The deraillieur body is low-grade alloy with an anodized, sometimes plastic-coated, finish to help hide the fact, and steel (stamped). The chain-tensioner is likewise stamped steel. Don't get me wrong, the only differences between 300LX Exage, and Deore XT, rear derailleurs are the materials. Identical over-all dimension, design, and function specifications for the 300LX, and the Deore XT changer.

If ya have an MB-1, please don't hang a fifteen-dollar-used 300LX on that gal. You could have easily won a national amateur competition on that bike any year it was made. It deserves a Deore XT for the axle that came on the ride. IMO, of course! Hehe. Afterall, this is all really only my opinion.

Mike L said...

Hi, thanks for posting back. The BB-1 was Bridgestone's entry level Hybrid, and was only produced in 1992. I took it on as my first bike project, so my son could appreciate a bike lighter in weight than the one he had. I finished it Sunday.

Mike L said...

FYI, the BB-1 is listed in the 1992 Bridgestone catalog on the Sheldon Brown Website.

Anonymous said...

I found this looking at replacing the Exage with newer Deore XT.

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