REI Issues Recall: Novara Trionfo w/ Aprebic Carbon Fork

ALERT:First of all, shame on you for buying your bicycle from a giant corporation, instead of your next door neighbor. REI customers apparently bought some bikes with some trouble. Yes, forks just coming off in the middle of a ride prolly constitutes a problem. The Carbon lower is reported as being prone to separating from the steel steer-tube. As such, if you purchased a 2005 Novara Trionfo model with Aprebic Carbon Forks you should be aware of this recall. The recall covers REI store purchases from 01/02 - 01/06. This defect has seriously injured some folks, and I already feel bad for poking fun at them for buying at REI. Not kool. It is my ardent, most sincere desire that all recover completely, and speedily.:ALERT

Here is a link to an LA Times article about the recall.

I've linked the LA Times article in lieu of investigating, and finding out where REI or Novara want owners to go online. I did this to get the post up, this seems time sensitive. So, I'll poke around and post updates about anything I find out. This recall is estimated to be for around 260 units.

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